Light Series LBBU

Pipe, tube and hose clamps of the Light Series LBBU supplement extensive product range

The German company Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG - a global market leader under the brand name STAUFF in the field of clamping technology for pipes, hoses, cables and other components - is supplementing its extensive range of pipe, tube and hose clamps according to DIN 3015 with the LBBU series.

In both the single and twin series, LBBU clamps are available in 3 different sizes and cover all standard metric and imperial diameters between 4 mm and 32 mm. The twin series is also available for different diameters upon request.

The UV, ozone and weathering-resistant material Santoprene with a hardness degree of 87 Shore-A guarantees vibration and noise-reducing pipe and hose installation. At the same time, the embedded metal sleeve goes to ensure the necessary stability. Thanks to their compact design, LBBU clamps are ideally suited for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications (such as for building, agricultural and forestry machinery), where a space-saving installation is essential. They are also suitable for use in other fields of application, including mechanical and plant engineering as well as in measurement, steering and control technology.

LBBU clamps are mounted with phosphated weld plates (version SP) or using the proven mounting rail nuts (version SM) on a mounting rail, which can also be supplied directly in various heights and lengths. Direct mounting (version PM) is also possible by means of the M8 bolt (UNC upon request) and a corresponding thread on the system to which the LBBU clamp is to be attached.

The advanced design goes to ensure rapid installation. A film hinge, which allows the top part of the plastic clamp body to open up, makes it easy to insert and replace the pipe or hose without the use of force.

At a glance

  • Standard series (STAUFF Groups 1 to 3) 
    for the support of single-lines
  • Twin series (STAUFF Groups 1D to 3D) 
    for the support of double-lines
    on request also with different diameters)
  • suitable for diameters from 4 mm to 32 mm
  • UV, ozone and weathering-resistant materials
  • Zinc/Nickel surface protection of metal parts:
    4x more durable than other standard surfaces
  • Chromium-6-Free according to ELV directive
  • vibration-damping and noise-reducing design
  • film hinge makes it easy to insert and replace
    the pipe or hose without the use of force
  • embedded metal sleeve goes to ensure stability
  • NEW optionally available with anti-twist feature

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a printed copy of the brochure "Light Series, Type LBBU" or a free product sample. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.


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LBBU clamps are mounted with phosphated weld plates, on mounting rails using the proven rail nuts or directly on the application

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A special feature: LBBU clamps are optionally available with anti-twist feature, thus providing extra-safe support for your pipes, tubes and hoses

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Visual comparison of the standard version (picture in the left) and the optional version with anti-twist feature (picture in the right)