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Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all data and figures in this product catalogue are

approximate values and are only valid as references, which are not binding (also in respect

to any third parties’ rights of protection) and thus do not release the customer / user from

checking and testing the suitability of the products for the foreseen purposes. Therefore,

data and figures can only be used in a limited sense for construction purposes.

The application of the products is beyond the control possibilities of the manufacturer and,

therefore, is exclusively subject to the responsibility of the customer / user.

In the event that a liability is nevertheless considered, any compensation will be limited to the

value of the goods supplied by the manufacturer and used by the customer / user. As a matter

of course, the manufacturer guarantees the perfect quality of all products in accordance with

the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Sale.

Subject to modifications due to the ongoing development and improvement of the products.

With the publication of this product catalogue, previous editions are no longer valid.


Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

Im Ehrenfeld 4

58791 Werdohl

Tel.: +49 2392 91 60


+49 2392 91 61 03


STAUFF products and services are globally available through wholly-owned subsidiaries

and a tight network of authorised distributors and representatives in all major

industrial regions of the world.

You can find detailed contact information on the last two pages

of this product catalogue or at