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Catalogue 5


Edition 02/2019

STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

STAUFF couplings have proven their value for many years in

practical use in hydraulic systems. The excellent quality of

the couplings is the result of continual product improvement

in which the experiences of users have been taken into con-

sideration, as well. Our high production standards, combined

with our quality management system certified in accordance

with EN ISO 9001, assures the quality of our products.

For the technical specifications of the individual couplings

please refer to the following pages of the catalog.

Housing material

Steel according to EN 10277:

Couplings Series FF, FU, HP-10, IA, IB, ID, BP, HUS, PS, RK/RH,

FT, HH, HI, HT and MK with Zinc-Nickel coating,

Zinc-Plating and Thick-Film-Passivation

(Chrome III)


NBR (Buna-N®), PTFE

ISO 3601

Operating temperature

- 20 °C ... + 100 °C / -4° F ... +212° F

with NBR (Buna-N®), PTFE

- 25 °C ... + 200 °C / -13° F ... +392° F

with FKM (Viton®)

Please contact STAUFF to require other

combinations of materials.

The operating pressures specified in our catalog relate to the

strength of the housing components. Standardized connector

shapes may have other rated pressures, which cannot auto-

matically be applied to the particular coupling type.

Any remodeling and modification of the couplings are pro-

hibited. By any maintenance of our couplings it’s necessary

to use original STAUFF parts. In case of using of no original

parts or disassembling of the couplings the warranty will be


The STAUFF hydraulic couplings don’t have the 94/7/EG guid-

ance for the using in explosive field. The couplings don’t have

an own ignition source which could be a reason of inflame.