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Catalogue 6


Edition 02/2019



With the STAUFF Valves product range, the companies

of STAUFF Group provide access to a comprehensive

range of manually operated valves for shutting off,

regulating, throttling and fluid media in mobile and

industrial hydraulics.

The portfolio includes two-way, three-way and four-way

ball valves of various designs and sizes made of steel or

stainless steel for medium and high pressure applications.

The product range in completed by flow control valves

(such as throttle valves and check valves) for in-line

assembly, manifold mounting and cartridge assembly,

as well as single-station and multi-station gauge

isolator valves.

For special applications, STAUFF is able to provide technically

modified products that will, for example, cover extreme

pressure ranges up to 800 bar /12000 PSI and temperatures

up to +500°C / +930°F.

For these and other customised solutions according to

customer’s specifications or based on our in-house

development, STAUFF guarantees prompt service.