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Catalogue 8


Edition 02/2019


STAUFF Diagtronics

With measuring, testing, display and analysis devices

and equipment from the STAUFF Diagtronics product

range, system operators, maintenance personnel and

repair technicians can determine and monitor the essential

parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: operating

pressure, maximum pressure, differential pressure, system

temperature, volume flow, contamination and much more.

The range includes analogue and digital pressure gauges,

that are either supplied individually or as part of practical

pressure test kits including the required connection

adaptors and accessories, as well as high-performance

hand-held hydraulic testers of the PPC series, that have

been developed to meet the growing demands of the


The PT-RF series of pressure transmitters and readers

are an alternative solution for universal pressure

measurements for fluid technology applications. The

advantages resulting from the use of the non-contact

RFID technology for system operators, maintenance

personnel and repair technicians are clear: Measurements

can be carried very easily, without extensive training and

within a few seconds at the press of a button and then

documented in a reliable process – while temporary opening

of the system if not required. Potential hazards for people,

machines and the environment as well as ingress of

contamination into the system can be effectively excluded.

Fluid analysis is a crucial element of any oil

management program. Early detection of system

contamination can prevent costly repairs and downtime.

Portable and permanently installed STAUFF particle

counters and monitors enable the precise determination

of cleanliness levels of hydraulic media according to

international standards.