Push-to-Connect · HP Series

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Push-to-Connect Couplings · HP Series

The double-acting sliding sleeve is fixed in the locked position by means of a pre-stressed spring. For the purpose of uncoupling it is able to slide in both axial  directions. The two halves of the plug-type coupling are locked together securely by means of precision snap-in balls.

The sliding sleeve can be installed in a bulkhead with retaining rings. In this way, the carrier fulfils the function of a breakaway coupling. Should a probe be torn away from a carrier installed in this way, the system is decoupled and the valves close automatically, thus preventing damage to the hose and possible loss of oil.

In addition to the standard HP10 (size 12,5) male tip we offer the HU12 (size 12,5) male tip what can be connected under pressure with the standard female side HP10 (size 12,5). Dimensions acc. to ISO 7241-1 A and ISO 5675 (for selected sizes).


Working Pressure
250 bar / 25 MPa / 3625 PSI

The indicated pressure ratings only apply to the coupling itself and depend on the connection type.

Working Temperature
-25° C ... +100° C / -13° F ... +212° F


Surface Finishing
Zinc-Plating and Thick-Film-Passivation (Chrome III)

The common size 12,5 is now available in zinc-nickel!

Standard Seal Material(s)
NBR (Buna-N®), PTFE

Alternative seal materials are available on request.