Double safety allows system operation without downtimes

(Werdohl, May 2017)

Double safety allows system operation without downtimes

Stauff adds switchable duplex return-line filters to its range

Stauff, the fluid technology specialist from Werdohl, has added the RFS-D series to its Filtration Technology product range. The switchable duplex return-line filters in a special heavy-duty version are suitable for nominal flow rates of up to 1,135 litres per minute and a maximum operating pressure of up to 25 bar. 

The housings were designed as tank-top or in-line filters using threaded or flanged connections on inlet and outlet. As the last link in the hydraulic cycle, they retain solid particles in the return oil flow before these enter the supply tank, providing a significant contribution to ensuring maximum system performance. The use of replacement filter elements from the proven RE series from Stauff ensures a high level of efficiency for removing solid particles. The high dirt absorption capacity of the elements allows a long service life, therefore reducing maintenance work and costs.

The permanently integrated 90° switch valve between the two sides allows continuous use of the filters: when the first filter element has to be replaced upon reaching the maximum level of contamination – indicated by a visual clogging indicator or an electrical limit switch – the flow can be switched over to the opposite side by manually operating the switching lever without causing system downtime.

Filter housings of this size are used in modern clinker cooling systems in cement production, for example. Hydraulic components are usually installed on the outside of the actual cooling system – protected against dust and easily accessible for repair and maintenance purposes. For this type of application, the duplex return-line filters are essential components of a system of redundant motors and pumps which allows continuous operation of the system without expensive downtimes, even if repairs should become necessary.

Image 1:

The RFS-D series connects two separate filter housings with a 90° switch valve
(Courtesy of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG)

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Background Information

For more than 50 years, the companies of STAUFF Group, since April 2015 also including VOSWINKEL, have been developing, manufacturing and distributing pipework equipment and hydraulic components for mechanical and plant engineering and for service and industrial maintenance. 

The overall range currently includes about 40000 standard components in ten product groups as well as a large number of special and system solutions, which are manufactured to customer specifications or based on in-house developments.

Wholly owned manufacturing, sales and service facilities in 18 countries and a tight global network of authorised distribution partners ensure high presence and service paired with a maximum of availability.

With around 1350 employees worldwide, including 550 at five sites in Germany, the companies of STAUFF Group achieved external sales of over EUR 210 million in the business year 2016.

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