Customised service cases

(Werdohl, January 2018)

Customised service cases

Individually designed and equipped hydraulic test cases for maintenance and service

The hydraulic test cases from Stauff have been a popular item with maintenance and service personnel for many years. In addition to analogue and digital pressure gauges, they can also be equipped with test couplings and hoses, connection adapters and other accessories. Numerous standard versions can be ordered directly from stock.

Due to the growing demand of the market for customised and optimised provision of tools, Stauff has seen an increase in orders for fully customised service cases. This applies to size, materials, design and marking of the actual cases as well as to the selection and arrangement of the included components. A special focus is always on the rigid foam inserts which ensure secure positioning of the individual components while allowing their easy removal. These are usually made from materials which have an exceptional long-term resistance to common hydraulic media.

If required, it is also possible to add third-party products to the cases, for example special measuring and test devices or connection adapters which are not part of the regular Stauff range. This currently includes around 40,000 line components and other hydraulic accessories for mechanical engineering, plant engineering and industrial maintenance, as well as a large number of special and system solutions which are manufactured to customer specifications or based on own developments.

The Stauff offer for individually tailored service cases is primarily intended for OEMs in mechanical engineering and plant engineering. The target group also includes independent maintenance and service companies and similar service providers.

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Individually equipped service case
(Courtesy of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG)

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Background Information

For more than 50 years, the companies of STAUFF Group, since April 2015 also including VOSWINKEL, have been developing, manufacturing and distributing pipework equipment and hydraulic components for mechanical and plant engineering and for service and industrial maintenance. 

The overall range currently includes about 40000 standard components in ten product groups as well as a large number of special and system solutions, which are manufactured to customer specifications or based on in-house developments.

Wholly owned manufacturing, sales and service facilities in 18 countries and a tight global network of authorised distribution partners ensure high presence and service paired with a maximum of availability.

With around 1400 employees worldwide, including 560 in Germany, the companies of STAUFF Group achieved external sales of over EUR 236 million in the business year 2017.

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