Accumulator Adaptor SBAA / SDAA


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Accumulator Adaptor SBAA /SDAA

Membrane and bladder accumulators are important components of modern hydraulic systems. Monitoring the nitrogen pressure level is becoming ever more important for ensuring correct operation.

The STAUFF Accumulator Adaptor together with the PT-RF pressure sensors allow maintenance personal to quickly and easily check the accumulator pressure without pressure loss. Pressure values, serial numbers, date and time will automatically be stored in the memory of the reader and then easily and conveniently read out on the PC later on.

For this, the Accumulator Adaptor is screwed onto the nitrogene connection of the accumulator and a PT-RF pressure sensor is attached at the side.

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Technical Data

▪ max. Pressure: 400 bar / 5801 PSI
▪ Burst Pressure: 1600 bar / 23206 PSI
▪ Sealing Material: NBR (Buna-N®)