Particle Monitor LPM-II-plus

Adapted and redesigned

The LPM-II-plus particle monitor is used in industrial systems with maximum operating pressures of 420 bar in which continuous measurement or analysis of the hydraulic fluids is required.

The redesigned particle monitor, which has been adapted to meet customer requirements, is an automatic optical particle counter with high-performance LEDs, which automatically record the level of contamination in hydraulic fluids in the form of an 8-channel measurement. This permits precise determination of the particle size in accordance with international standards, including ISO 4406, NAS 1638, AS 4059E and ISO 11218.

The status of oil purity is unequivocally displayed by a colour-coded LCD display and using coloured LEDs. Corresponding particle limit values can be individually adapted and set using the software supplied.

The LPM-II-plus can be used both as a stand-alone measuring unit with an internal memory for max. 4000 measurements as well as being controlled via two switch outputs on PC and PLC system control or parallel by a remote display unit. 

The optional USB interface enables the measured data to be transferred directly to a data carrier.

The LPM-II-plus now offers a 4-20 mA time-multiplex interface in addition to the Modbus and CAN bus interface to provide analogue measuring signals for analysis as well.

Depending on the model, the LPM-II-plus is immediately available with a water-in-oil sensor and temperature sensor, as well as with a connecting cable and the relevant software.


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