Pressure Increase

Pressure Increase with DN20 and DN25 BBV-2 Ball Valves

STAUFF BBV-2 two-way high-pressure block body ball valves ensure the simple shut-off of fluid streams of media in mobile and industrial hydraulics. They are  manufactured from European quality steel and delivered with the option of end-to-end material traceability.

The balls with hard chromium plating, which reduce friction and wear, usually have a full through hole corresponding to the nominal diameter of the line, so that there is no detrimental reduction in the diameter of the hydraulic line.

Uninterrupted flow is also supported by the fact that no exposed threads are located in the medium passage, reducing vibration, noise and heat generation in the system, thereby ensuring the full capacity of the machine.

Extensive testing has enabled the maximum operating pressure of BBV-2 series valves (nominal size DN20 and DN25) to be increased. The relevant versions will be gradually converted and will replace the existing types. There may be a possibility that you may receive mixed product labels during the transition phase. Existing article numbers and ordering codes remain unchanged.

The increase in pressure will not result in any changes regarding dimensions, handling or assembly of the components.

Please refer to the table for the old and new pressure ranges.

Please note: Different materials or special connection versions can limit the maximum operating pressures.

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