Digital pressure gauge with data logger and USB interface

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STAUFF has recently released the new SPG-DIGI series digital pressure gauge with an internal data logger and a USB interface which is used to transfer the measured values to a PC or notebook. An addition low-pressure version is also added to the product range.

Unlike traditional Bourdon tube gauges, digital pressure gauges display the real time pressure in the hydraulic or lubrication systems and, at the same time, detects and stores the minimum and maximum pressure. They are therefore an important tool for the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems. The new SPG-DIGI is the latest addition to the STAUFF Diagtronics product range, which offers hydraulic diagnostic tools for measurement of hydraulic pressure, differential pressure, fluid temperature, volumetric flow, and contamination level.

The latest version of the SPG-DIGI gauge will detect and display pressures of -1 to 600 bar / -14.5 to 8702 PSI, and is now available with a memory function. This permits the measured data to be stored on an internal data logger. Up to ten measurement series can be stored with a maximum measuring period of 24 hours. These values can then be transferred and read on any PC or laptop via a USB interface without the need for additional software. Users can use any popular spreadsheet program for analysis purposes.

With the release of the new SPG-DIGI, there is also a low pressure version for the pressure range of -1 ... 5 bar / -14.5 ... 72 PSI, which enables the pressure level to be detected more accurately with low-pressure applications. The other measuring ranges available are -1 ... 16 bar / -14.5 ... 232 PSI, 0 .... 100 bar / 0 ... 1450 PSI, 0 … 400 bar / 0 ... 5801 PSI and 0 … 600 bar / 0 ... 8702 PSI.  The measuring accuracy of all versions is a maximum of 0.5% (typically 0.25%) of the measuring range. The multi-line, backlit display shows actual, MIN and MAX values displayed in bar, PSI, Mpa, kPa and mbar.

The new series of SPG-DIGI digital pressure gauges can be supplied with different port adapters – for example, connection to “STAUFF Test” hydraulic test couplings.

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