Smart Rust Killer

Smart Rust Killer

(Werdohl, April 2010)

Material delays crevice corrosion and reduces costs

Walter Stauffenberg, one of the leading suppliers in the field of fastening technology for tubes, pipes, cables and components, has developed a material for clamp bodies that significantly delays the formation of crevice corrosion. Especially pipelines in rough environments, e.g. in offshore facilities, face the risk of crevice corrosion. Aggressive salt water penetrates the gap between the pipe and the clamp body, causing corrosion within the joint. Even pipelines made of stainless steel soon show obvious signs of pitting and grooving in the metal. When intensified by the impact of tensile forces and inherent vibrations throughout the system, this soon develops into cracks and leakages in the pipe. Salt spray tests acc. to EN ISO 9227:2006 have verified that the formation of crevice corrosion is markedly delayed when the clamps are made of PP-AC. This means that the servicing intervals for facilities in onshore and offshore industries can be greatly extended, consequently minimising maintenance work and reducing costs. The dimensions of the PP-AC clamp bodies correspond to DIN 3015. All the fastening components, such as bolts, welding plates, mounting rails, etc., are also available in stainless steel grades A2 and A4.

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Clamps made of the PP-AC material verifiably reduce crevice corrosion

(Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG, 2010)

Background information

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the 1950s in Werdohl, in the German province North Rhine-Westphalia, and was initially a contract turning shop. Today the company operates under the trade name STAUFF, developing, producing and marketing fluid technology components for use in plant construction and mechanical engineering. In the fields of tube, pipe and hose clamps, measuring technology and hydraulic filtration, this is one of the leading organisations in a growing branch of industry.

Meanwhile, almost 1000 employees all over the world (12/2009) generate an annual turnover of around EUR 125 million (12/2009). Distribution subsidiaries have recently been opened in Poland, Korea, Russia and Ireland. In addition to the group headquarters in Werdohl Ehrenfeld, the company has production and logistics facilities in Plettenberg-Ohle and Neuenrade-K√ľntrop.

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