Corporate Policy

Policy statement on quality, health and safety, environmental protection and energy

The company management undertakes to use an integrated management system to monitor, observe and exceed all legal requirements as well as all additional requirements made on the company.

The company management provides the required preconditions for best possible implementation and maintaining of the objectives for health and safety, quality, environmental protection and energy. This particularly includes sufficient human resources and appropriate financial means for the continuous further development of the systems. It also includes adequate organisational and communication structures as well as tools for monitoring and evaluating the management system.

Our products and services have to meet our customers' expectations in all respects. This includes in particular requirements regarding quality, environmental compatibility, safety, durability, environmentally-friendly recyclability, energy efficiency, economic pricing and adhering to schedules.

The quality policy is therefore a fixed component of our corporate policy. We take all required measures to provide a convincingly high level of quality and reliability on a competitive level. Our quality management system is designed to exclude the occurrence of errors by identifying and removing any sources of error early on. Error prevention takes precedence over error removal. All areas and employees are involved in this quality process.

Health and safety is very important to us. We want our employees to leave our company as healthy as they entered it. As for the issues of quality, environmental protection and energy, we want to be proactive in order to identify potentially dangerous situations in advance and to reliably correct these. We want to exclude near misses and accidents effectively and permanently through appropriate technical, organisational and personnel measures.

Environmental protection is another fundamental principle of our corporate policy. We are aware that all activities connected to the development, manufacturing, sale and use of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. We are therefore continuously developing measures for reducing the environmental impact of the work at our production sites as well as during the use phase at the customers.

The objective is to protect resources and to make efficient and sustainable use of energy by improving the energy efficiency of the company. This means manufacturing products with the lowest possible consumption of materials and energy while avoiding waste and emissions as much as possible. Our main energy consumers are monitored continuously so we can use the corresponding analysis to derive improvement measures.

Competent suppliers are required for the success of our group of companies and their specialist knowledge supports our joint added value. We actively involve our suppliers in our efforts with regard to quality, safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency. This particularly includes suppliers whose products and services support the energy related performance of our company.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work and for safe and environmentally-conscious conduct in their area. We therefore regularly inform and train our employees on quality, environmental protection, health and safety, and energy efficiency.

We are continuously working on improving our products, processes and performance to meet the expectations of our customers and the requirements of society. We reward any employee who supports this process through suggestions for improvement accordingly. Our suppliers are also actively involved in the improvement process.

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG - Company Management

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