Heavy Twin Series

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Installation of Pipes, Tubes and Components

▪ Clamp bodies with profiled inside surface and tension clearance
▪ To be used as fixed point clamp preventing the line from sliding
▪ Clearance between the clamp halves provides tension of the tube or pipe
▪ Vibration/noise reducing and impact absorbing effect towards the direction
  of the line provided by the grooves on the inside

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Polypropylene (PP)

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Polyamide (PA)

Installation of Pipes, Tubes and Cables

▪ Clamp bodies with individual elastomer inserts
▪ Vibration/noise reducing installation of pipes and tubes
▪ Most effective reduction of vibration and noise
▪ Extra-gentle installation of hoses or cables

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Polypropylene (PPR)

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Polyamide (PAR)

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Elastomer (RI)