Twin Series (DIN 3015-3)

Product poster illustrating the full range of pipe, tube and hose clamps according to DIN 3015

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Installation of Pipes, Tubes and Components

▪ Clamp bodies with profiled inside surface and tension clearance
▪ To be used as fixed point clamp preventing the line from sliding
▪ Clearance between the clamp halves provides tension of the tube or pipe
▪ Vibration/noise reducing and impact absorbing effect towards the direction
  of the line provided by the grooves on the inside

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Polypropylene (PP)

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Polyamide (PA)

Installation of Hoses and Cables

▪ Clamp bodies with smooth inside surface without tension clearance
▪ Smooth inside surface and chamfered edges avoid damaging of the hose or cable
▪ To be used as guide allowing the line to slide
▪ Choose the internal diameter of the clamp body slightly smaller than the outside diameter
  of the hose or cable to use it as fixed point clamp preventing the line from sliding

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Polypropylene (PPH)

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Polyamide (PAH)