Offline Filters OLSW

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Offline Filters - Type OLSW

STAUFF Systems Units are characterised by their extremely efficient filter elements which are rated to 0,5 micron. Specially designed for industrial hydraulic installations the STAUFF Offline Filters are available in single or double length configurations. The Offline Filter Units can easily be mounted to new and existing hydraulic installations. By means of an integrated motor/pump unit and an Offline Filter, the oil is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit and after
filtering the oil is then returned to the tank.

Options and Accessories

Motor/Pump Units
Different configurations available
▪ Air driven motors

Clogging Indicators (available as an option)
Visual clogging indicator

Filter Elements
▪ Filter elements of SRM series

Pre-Filter Elemets
Spin-On filter elements of SF67 series

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Technical Data

▪ Offline filter with integrated motor/pump unit
▪ Offline filter units with up to four filter housings
  in single or double length configurations

Nominal Flow Rate
2,1 ... 17 l/min / .55 ... 4.5 US GPM

Max. System Volume
Up to 10.800 l / 2.853 gal

Port Connections
▪ G3/8, G1/2, G3/4 and 18 L

Water holding capacity
▪ Up to 2.280 ml / 80 oz.

▪ Anodised Aluminium