Hydraulic Testers PPC-04-plus


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Rotational Speed Sensor PPC-04/12-SDS-CAB

The PPC-04/12-SDS-CAB Rotational Speed Sensor allows non-contact speed measurement of rotating components. The sensor is based on a opto-electrical measurement principle that determines the rotational speed with high-accuracy using a reflecting strip on the shaft.

The contact rotational speed measurement is obtained by using a Contact Adaptor that is mounted to the sensor, and which makes contact with the rotating component during measurement. This also produces high-accuracy measurement results. In the case of espacially small areas, using the focusing adaptor facilities measurement.

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Technical Data

▪ 5-pin connection
▪ Both contacting and non-contacting measurement possible
▪ Type of measurement: optical, red LED
▪ Calibration certificate on request


▪ 230 g / .51 lbs

Measuring Range
▪ Measuring range: 20 ... 10000 1/min
▪ Measuring distance: 25 ... 500 mm (1 ... 20 in)
▪ Measuring angle: ±45 °C
▪ Accuracy: ≤ ±0,5 % FS*
▪ Resolution: ±5 1/min

Electrical Data
▪ Output signal: 0 ... 3 V DC
▪ Input signal: 7 ...12 V DC

Note: We recommended not extending the 2 m / 6.56 ft
permanent cable connection provided on the sensor!
Note: The analogue Rotational Speed Sensor
PPC-04/12-SDS-CAB can only be used with analogue
Hydraulic Testers.

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Focus Adaptor
Contact Adaptor