Hydraulic Testers PPC Pad


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Complete Systems
The PPC Pad is also available in a special designed case to store your unit and your accessories. The case is robust, lightweight and can be carried directly to your machine.
It has individually designed inserts that can hold up to 4 Pressure Sensors, 1 CAN Flow Turbine, 1 Flow Turbine, 1 Frequency- and 1 Aux.-Adapter. Cable and additional equipment also have their own place inside.
PPC Pad case is the best way to store and protect your equipment.

Standard PPC-Pad-SET kits have been put together to equip an user with the basic equipment needed for basic measurement.

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Complete Systems PPC-Pad-SET
▪ Hydraulic Tester PPC Pad and accessories
▪ Calibration certificate on request
  (only for PPC-Pad-102/ -103)