Laser Particle Counters LasPaC-II


Bottle Sampling Unit

The Bottle Sampler is used in combination with the laser particle counters LasPaC II-P and LasPaC II-M and enables the analysis of previously sampled media. In order to ensure a most precise result, aeration within highly aerated fluids is removed, and the fluid is properly conditioned.

Bottle Sampling Unit 110 ml
The 110 ml unit is supplied in an extra case including various accessories such as power supply, sampling hoses, pressure hoses, bottles (sample and waste) and adapters. It is designed for mobile applications and is only compatible with Mineral Oil and Petroleum based fluids.


Bottle Sampling Unit 500 ml
The standard version of the 500 ml unit is compatible with Mineral Oil and Petroleum based fluids; a Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol®) compatible version of the 500 ml unit is available on request. The 500 ml bottle sampling unit is delivered with the required power supply.

Screen Filter
An optional Screen Filter is available for heavily contaminated systems. The filter device is assembled directly to the supply line and allows particle counts in ambient conditions where normally the contamination is too high for a reliable test.

The Stainless Steel Filter has a mesh of 500 μm and is cleanable.