Flow Indicators SDM / SDMKR

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Flow Indicators SDM / SDMKR

Analogue flow indicators for measuring the flow rate of fluids in mobile and industrial hydraulics. The SDMKR is designed with a loading valve for the strain test of the hydraulic system to facilitate precise control of the operating pressure. In addition, this product can also be subjected to a reverse flow direction (without flow rate determination).

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▪ Suitable for Mineral Oil (Aluminium),
  HFC Fluids and Water (Brass)
▪ Designed for in-line installation
▪ Mechanical flow measurement
▪ Controlling working pressure with a pressure
  control valve (only SDMKR)
▪ Flow indication in l/min and GPM for Aluminium units,
  Brass units have flow indication for Water and Oil
  both in l/min
▪ Aluminium unit: Dual scale
▪ Brass unit: Single scale
▪ Thread to connect with pressure gauge (only SDM)

Technical Data

(at a kinematic viscosity of 28cSt):

▪ Flow: ±4 % FSD
▪ Temperature: ±2,5 °C / ±5 °F
▪ Pressure (only SDMKR): ±1.6 % FS*
▪ Temp. measuring range: +20 °C ... +110 °C /
  +55 °F ... +245 °F
▪ Media temperature
  permanent: +80 °C / +176 °F
  temporary (<10 min.): +110 °C / +245 °F

Note: Other thread versions available on request.

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Functional Principal Flow Measuring

The flow indicators SDM and SDMKR have a sharp-edged orifice and a tapered metering piston, which moves in proportion to changes of flow against a spring. In no flow condition the piston closes the opening and the pointer indicates zero. With increasing flow and differential pressure the piston moves against the calibrated spring. The piston movement is directly proportional to the flow rate and is magnetically coupled to the rotary pointer. During this function the sharp-edged orifice minimises the effects of viscosity. The flow is shown on a calibrated scale in l/min and gal/min.

Controlling Working Pressure with SDMKR

The pressure control valve of the SDMKR is directly connected to a flow-block and together with the integrated pressure gauge it allows an exact control of the working pressure in the maximum range. For protection the SDMKR has two rupture disks. At a pressure >420 bar the disks burst and the fluid is by-passed around the valve. The rupture disks (other pressure ranges on request) can be replaced easily. The SDMKR also permits flow in the reverse direction (without flow rate determination).