Current / Voltage Adaptor PPC-06/12-A/V-A


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Current/ Voltage Adaptor PPC-06/12-A/V-A

In addition to pressure, temperature, rotational speed and flow measurements, the Hydraulic Testers can measure and evaluate different signals from other or third-party sensors.

Measuring electrical signals from third-party sensor (e.g. 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, ...) with the PPC-06/12-A/V-A Adaptor.

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The PPC-06/12-A/V-A Current/ Voltage Adaptor is used, for example, for measuring current at proportional valves or for determining the switching states of motors or pumps and to evaluate and process measurements from third-party sensors.

Typical applications are the generation and measurement of a force-distance graph or torque-flow characteristics curves. The following input signals can be processed by this adaptor:

▪ Electrical currents up to 4 A DC
▪ Electrical voltages up to 48 V DC

The measured data are transmitted directly to the Hydraulic Testers by a permanent cable connection.