Particle Monitors LPM-II-plus


Interface Module with USB- or Ethernet Interface
The LPM-II-plus is connected to an EDP system or a laptop/PC using an interface module with a USB or an Ethernet interface. Either interface module is connected to the LPM-II-plus using a connecting cable (3 m / 9.84 ft). With the power supply unit connected, the LPM-II-plus is supplied with current via the connecting cable. The interface modules allow you to evaluate the measured data and to carry out programming using the supplied software. In USB operation, the LPM-II-plus can be supplied with current via the USB cable too.

Flow Control Valve LPM-II-DAV
In systems in which the volumetric flow or the pressure is too high, the optimum flow is achieved with the use of a flow control valve. It can process pressures from 4 bar ... 400 bar / 58 PSI ... 5801 PSI. The LPM-II-DAV, flow control valve is connected to the hydraulic outlet of the LPM-II-plus via the connection fittings.

Remote Display Unit DISPLAY-LPM-II-plus-REMOTE
In the case of applications outside the operator’s field of view or in locations that are difficult to access, it is possible to display via a remote display the values that the LPM-II-plus measured. The LPM-II-plus can be programmed using the keypad on the
remote display.