Clamps that protect the material

(Werdohl, October 2013)

Clamps that protect the material

Stauff clamps with smooth inside surfaces for hydraulic hoses

Original Stauff clamps symbolize quick and easy pipe, tube, hose and cable installations as well as a clean distinct pipe layout for more than five decades. Stauff designs clamp bodies with profiled inside surfaces and tension clearance, originally intended for clamping rigid pipelines in the hydraulics, and with vibration/noise reducing and impact absorbing effect towards the direction of the line. However, Stauff also supplies H-type clamp bodies ex works, which are used for the safe installation of hoses and other flexible lines and components, while protecting the material at the same time.

Thanks to their special design, these clamp bodies offer numerous specific advantages in the clamping of hydraulic hoses. For instance, their smooth interior surfaces and chamfered edges prevent damage of the hose cover (due to wear, for example), and as there is no tension clearance, the necessary freedom of movement of the clamped hose (in the case of pressure peaks, for example) is ensured.

H-type clamp bodies are preferably used as guide allowing the line to slide. By selecting a slightly smaller diameter, they can also be used as fixed point clamps, where the line is clamped between the two clamp halves and is therefore fixed with no movement, similarly to in the original design.

Stauff hose clamps are available in the Standard, Heavy and Twin Series in accordance with DIN 3015, and optionally in Polypropylene (type PPH), Polyamide (type PAH), or rubber (type SAH). Thanks to the great number of sizes available, all standard types and sizes of hydraulic hose with diameters between 6 and 102 mm can be clamped.

For the installation of hydraulic and other supply lines with a particular need for protection, while at the same time saving space, type LBBU clamps are available. These clamps from the Light Series are manufactured from rubber with a hardness degree of 87 Shore-A which is resistant to UV, ozone, and weather. They guarantee a high level of vibration/noise reduction and impact absorption, despite their comparatively compact design. An embedded metal sleeve ensures the necessary stability.

For all types of clamps, the company provides a complete range of mounting hardware made of steel and stainless steel for single-layer or multiple-layer mounting of the clamp bodies on weld plates, mounting rails, or standard profile rails. Here, the zinc/nickel coating used as standard with most of the steel components offers maximum corrosion resistance and meets the strict standards of several European guidelines with regard to the use of substances that can be hazardous to health.


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Picture 1:

Original Stauff clamps according to DIN 3015 and made of Polypropylene (PP) – mounted on a channel rail

(Courtesy of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG)

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Background Information

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the 1950s in Werdohl, in the German province of North Rhine-Westphalia, and was initially a contract turning shop. Today the company operates under the trade name STAUFF, developing, producing and marketing fluid technology components for use in plant construction and mechanical engineering. In the fields of tube, pipe and hose clamps, measuring technology and hydraulic filtration, STAUFF is one of the world’s leading organisations in a growing industrial segment.

Meanwhile, more than 1200 employees (12/2012) in 18 companies generate an annual turnover of more than EUR 190 million (12/2012) worldwide. Additional distribution subsidiaries have recently been opened in Ireland, Malaysia and Vietnam. Besides the group headquarters in Werdohl Ehrenfeld, the company has production and logistics facilities in the German cities of Plettenberg-Ohle and Neuenrade-Küntrop.

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