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With the highly flame resistant polyamide material PAV0, STAUFF can produce plastic clamps for securing pipes, hoses, cables and other building components which meet the toughest relevant fire protection requirements in the European railway vehicle norm DIN EN 45545-2:2013. The material surpasses the stipulated limit values for seals, hoses, cable channels and other components in the R22 set of requirements for hazard level HL3 which apply to interior applications. The grading in category HL3 allows the use of fasteners/fixing elements according to all of the norms covering classes of construction and operation for railway carriages.

The verification of the required material properties relevant to the classification was achieved within the scope of varying test methods which were carried out by independent test institutes: for components which are handled in the R22 requirement set – in addition to the oxygen index, or the ascertainment of the oxygen limit value up to the material's point of combustion – the low smoke density and toxicity are of particular importance. If a material meets the R22 requirement set, it can also be used in the areas covered in requirement sets R23, R24 and R26.

PAV0 is processed using the injection moulding method. In addition to standard block clamps as per DIN 3015, special customised designs based on customer specifications or our own development can easily be realised.


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