Fixing of block clamps on channel rails

Channel rail adapters with proven zinc/nickel plating

Type CRA adapters from STAUFF allow simple and safe adaptation of block clamps from the Standard, Heavy and Double series according to DIN 3015 (parts 1 to 3) on some of the most common channel rails, including selected types from renowned manufacturers such as HALFTEN, HILTI and UNISTRUT®.

For the use with deviating rail types and brands, the company supports users with advance compatibility checks if required.

This allows tubes and hoses with common metric and imperial outer diameters between 6 and 70 millimetres to be easily installed and then adjusted at any time later on.

The adapters are available as standard components from stock in steel or stainless steel V4A and optionally with metric and UNC threads (for the U.S. American market). The high-quality zinc/nickel surface plating on the steel version provides over 720 hours of resistance against red rust/base metal corrosion in the salt spray chamber according to EN ISO 9227. The chromium(VI)-free coating therefore exceeds the highest requirements with regard to resistance and durability and also complies with the valid ELV, REACH and RoHS guidelines.

Alternative materials and surfaces are available on request.

Compatibility with Channel Rails (Selection)


HM 41/41
HZA 41/22
HZM 41/41
HZM 41/22
HL 41/41, HL 41/B2


MQ-21, MQ-41, MQ-52, MQ-72
MQ-21U, MQ-41U, MQ-72U
MQ-21D, MQ-41D, MQ-52-72D


P1000, P1000T, P1000V, P1000VT, P1001
P2000, P2000T
P3003, P3003T, P3300V, P3300VT, P3301
P4000, P4000T
P5000, P5000T, P5001, P5500, P5500T, P5501


Global availability through wholly-owned branches
and distributors in all industrial countries.

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Basic dimensional requirements for channel rails to be
used with STAUFF Channel Rail Adaptors, type CRA:

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