Dust- and water-resistant

Testing and certification body certifies compliance of RFID pressure transmitters with protection rating IP69

An independent testing and certification body recently confirmed that the RFID pressure transmitters of the PT-RF series from STAUFF comply with protection rating IP69 in line with EN 60529 (VDE 0470).

The classification as protection rating IP69 confirms that the pressure transmitters are dust-proof (index number 6) and that no water can enter into the housing (index number 9). Testing equipment  – particularly in mobile hydraulics – is regularly subjected to high pressure and steam jet cleaning. The IP69 properties allow the transmitters to resist these processes without negative effects on the function or even damage.

Pressure transmitters from the PT-RF series were developed to be integrated into fluid technology plants and systems permanently or temporarily using the appropriate process connection adapters. When a pressure transmitter is activated by pressing a button on the associated reading and display device, the energy required for the measurement is transferred via contactless RFID technology. This means the actual pressure transmitter requires no internal or external power supply or complicated wiring and it is completely maintenance-free. A current measured value is determined within only 0.5 seconds and immediately transmitted back to the reading device together with other relevant information and then output on the backlit display and stored.

This substantially facilitates and speeds up the process of determining pressure values – without any risk of introducing contamination into the hydraulic system.


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