Protecting measuring and display devices

Single-station gauge isolator valves allow precise and reproducible measuring of operating pressure

Single-station gauge isolator valves of type SWS-S1 from STAUFF protect pressure gauges and other measuring and display devices against the harmful effects of pressure peaks and frequent load changes. Bourdon tube gauges, which are typically used in hydraulics, are particularly sensitive to this type of overload: To make measurements as precise and reproducible as possible, it is necessary that the pressure to be measured deforms the tube spring only elastically and not permanently. This is easier to achieve the smaller the movement of the free spring end is. One indication for permanent deformation is that the indicator of the pressure gauge is no longer on the zero point.

Actuating the push button on the top of the gauge isolator valve, which is simply installed in the line between the measuring point and the pressure gauge using connector threads G 1/4 BSP or 1/4 NPT, can put load on this when required and the pressure value can be read out directly; turning the button locks the component. Alternatively the company also supplies the types SWS-A1 (straight version) and SWS-A2 (90° version) as variants with needle valve and hand-wheel for continuous adjustment.

The valves were designed for installation in control panels with a maximum wall thickness of 5 mm. Operating instructions are conveniently printed on the cover panel in several languages at the factory.

Single-station gauge isolator valves from STAUFF are suitable for use with all common hydraulic media and for a maximum operating pressure of 400 bar. They can be used in temperature ranges from -30 °C to +115 °C without any problems.


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