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Innovative RFID pressure measuring technology in a convenient service case for maintenance and servicing

In addition to the individual components from the PT-RF series, STAUFF now also offers convenient service cases for maintenance and servicing. These complete systems offer space for up to 10 RFID pressure transmitters including process connection adapters as well as the reading and display device and other accessories such as connecting and charging cable, power supply unit with adapters and operating instructions and software on CD-ROM. If required, the robust plastic cases can be individually equipped and supplied to customer requirements.

Specially moulded and resistant foam inserts offer the required flexibility for the stored items, providing safe and permanent accommodation for the components while allowing maintenance personnel to see everything at a glance.

For applications where the actual pressure transmitters are permanently installed in the system, another version of the case is available as an alternative to accommodate only the reading and display device including accessories. Both versions are also available empty.

With the PT-RF series, STAUFF offers an alternative for pressure measurement in fluid technology applications on the basis of innovative RFID technology. The energy required for a measurement is transferred to the pressure transmitter via the antenna of the reading and display device so that the transmitters require no internal or external power supply and no external wiring as is common for conventional sensors. This omits the manual mounting and dismounting of measuring and display devices which often require the system to be opened temporarily. This effectively prevents the introduction of contamination into the system (e.g. in environments with high levels of dust) as well as potential hazards for people, machine and environment which may occur e.g. from residual oil in the test hose or leaks on the measuring point.


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