ECOVOS hose fitting with block stop feature

(Werdohl, February 2016)

Voswinkel: ECOVOS hose fitting with block stop feature

Permanently tight - regardless of the material pairing

Voswinkel GmbH, one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic quick release couplings as well as the largest German producer of hydraulic hose fittings, will be presenting a new fitting system in the ECOVOS range at the “bauma” trade fair. In contrast to the previously available hose fittings with 24° sealing cone (EN 8434-1), the new fittings feature a so-called block stop which makes mounting considerably easier.

In practical use, leaks can occur in the sealing area of the mounted threaded hydraulic components. The reason for this is that the permitted tightening torque is often exceeded during initial mounting or the scheduled replacement of hoses. This results in permanent deformation of the metal sealing surface on the weaker component in the area of the sealing cone, increasing the risk of leaks during operation. The damaged components have to be replaced to ensure a permanently reliable connection.

Incorrect mounting impossible

Voswinkel is the first manufacturer of hose fittings to solve this problem: The new ECOVOS fittings with block stop feature clearly indicate when mounting is completed. The essential difference to conventional sealing cone fittings is the predefined width of the gap between the two faces of the components to be joined. This gap prevents excessive tightening torque, ensuring the required pre-tension for a reliable and permanently tight connection in the thread pairing.

The pre-tension created in the thread prevents the fitting from independently releasing under load. The full sealing function is permanently and reproducibly ensured even after several release and connect cycles. When replacing a hose, the counterpart can usually be reused without problems. Another great advantage is that the block stop works independently of the material pairing. The user does not have to adapt the torque, for example when pairing the hose fitting with cast iron or wrought iron connectors. This ensures additional leak protection, particularly in mobile hydraulics.

With the new ECOVOS hose fitting, Voswinkel is the first manufacturer to close a general safety gap between hose fitting and tube connector. “For our customers, that means simplified installation, higher operational safety and reliability and consequently a clearly reduced maintenance effort,” Heinz-Werner Stoermer, Managing Director of Voswinkel GmbH, explains. “The block stop feature is also an important step on our path to increasingly adapt and coordinate all Stauff components for hydraulic lines, enabling us to eventually offer assemblies and systems in the long term.”

The ECOVOS hose fitting is manufactured in nominal diameters from DN06 to DN16 and is expected to be available from the second quarter of 2016.


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The new ECOVOS hose fittings with block stop feature clearly indicate when mounting is completed (Courtesy of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG)

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