Mobile Filtration Systems SMFS-U-CM-110

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Mobile Filtration System SMFS-U-CM-110
▪ Elaborate extension of SMFS-U-060 / -110 by integrated 8-Channel Particle Counter with display
▪ High convenience and comprehensive analysis possibilities combined in one solution, for ideal recovery and preservation of required fluid quality
▪ Suitable for purifying small and medium size systems in a very short time or for a permanent offline-filtration on large hydraulic systems

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Product Features

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8-Channel Particle Counter
▪ Control Panel with integrated display for selection of operating modes, indication of operating conditions and measurement results of the particle counter
▪ Application software 'LasPac II View' allows detailed analysis of measurement results
▪ Automatic filtration system aborts running operation if predefined purity class is reached
▪ Operating modes:
- Purity class according to ISO 4406 (>4μm, >6μm, >14μm)
- Oil temperature (°C)
- Relative humidity (RH in %)
- Operating hours

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Clogging Indicator
▪ Electrical clogging indicator connected with control panel
▪ Request for filter change via display

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Replacement Filter Elements
▪ High dirt holding capacity provides an ideal recovery and preservation of required fluid quality
▪ Filter finenesses from 3µm to 25µm
▪ Fast and simple change of the filter element without special tools
▪ Optimal pump protection by washable 200µm stainless mesh coarse filter

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▪ User-friendly control panel with display for effective usage of the filtration system
▪ Robust heavy-duty rollers and grip allow ideal  transportation
▪ Drip pan for residual oil and hose bracket for Suction- and Return-line hose provide safe and easy handling