Mobile Filtration Systems SMFS-U-CM-110

Mobile Filter-Systeme (copy 3)

Mobile Filtration System - Type SMFS-U-CM-110

STAUFF offers on the basis of the SMFS-U-060 / -110 series an elaborate extension of filtration capabilities: the SMFS-U-CM-110. Beside the SMFS-U-060 / -110 filtration systems' benefits the integrated 8-Channel Particle Counter offers a precise analysis and monitoring of the filtration process. Compact in design and easy to operate on the one hand, but also made for permanent use with high flow rates on the other hand, Mobile Filtration Systems are essential tools for the preventive maintenance either to transfer new oil or to purify hydraulic and lubrication oil systems.

Options and Accessories

Replacement Filter Elements
Filter Elements of the NR-630 series
Micron rating available from 3 ... 25 μm

Clogging Indicator
▪ STAUFF Clogging Indicator Type HI

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Technical Data

▪ Mobile filter system - mobile filter unit

▪ SMFS-U-060: approx. 165 kg / 364 lbs
▪ SMFS-U-110: approx. 177,2 kg / 391 lbs
▪ SMFS-U-CM-110: approx. 220 kg / 485 lbs

Nominal Flow Rate
▪ SMFS-U-060: max. 60 l/min / 15 US GPM
▪ SMFS-U-110: max. 110 l/min / 30 US GPM
▪ SMFS-U-CM-110: max. 110 l/min / 30 US GPM

400 V AC 50 Hz
SMFS-U-060: 2,2 kW; 1440 U/min
SMFS-U-110: 4 kW; 1445 U/min
SMFS-U-CM-110: 4 kW; 1445 U/min

Media Compatibility
▪ Suitable for mineral oils, other fluids on request