Replacement Filter Elements for Applications involving Hydraulic & Lubrication Oils, Heavy Fuels, Water, Chemicals and Coolants

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Screw-In and Plug-In Elements
We produce high-quality Screw-In and Plug-In Elements in Stainless Steel design or in Plastic design. They fit into the most common single, double and automatic filters.

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Product Properties

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▪ 220 mm … 750 mm

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▪ 30 mm

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Filter media
▪ Stainless Steel,
▪ high quality made in Germany

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Micron rating
▪ 10 µm … 200 μm
▪ alternative micron ratings on request

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End cap
▪ Stainless Steel / Plastic

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▪ For lubricating oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals and cooling lubricants